What can I do with my old jewelry?

We know that your jewelry means a lot to you. Each piece of jewelry you own can tell a story about a special time in your life; whether it’s from celebrating a milestone anniversary, your wedding day, or even your first child’s birth, each piece of jewelry holds a distinct place in your heart.  Every now and then, you look at all of the jewelry you’ve accumulated over the years and remanence about all the […]

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Protect your jewelry with a peace of mind

What to look for in a jewelry repair services? Fine jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear, so always have your fine jewelry checked annually by your jeweler. It starts with trust and expertise, when considering having a ring, bracelet, necklace repaired. We believe you must have confidence in the skills and expertise of your jeweler. At Dominic’s Fine Jewelry our on-staff trained jeweler has 35+ years of experience. Our jewelry repairs are performed in house. […]

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Jewelry for Brides

Wedding season is upon us! For brides, planning a wedding can be a stressful and chaotic time when trying to perfect every detail of their special day. Of the most important details to a bride is the wedding day look! The dress, hair, makeup, complexion… but what about the jewelry? Most brides wait until the last minute to put together their jewelry as there are so many other things going on, jewelry becomes the afterthought. […]

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Say ‘Thank You’ To Mom

LOVE THESE MOTHER’S DAY FINE JEWELRY LOOKS Celebrate Mom’s sophistication and grace with these on-trend designs Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Are you prepared? After all, she’s the heart and soul of most families. She holds things together through the ups and the downs. She’s Mom. And Sunday, May 12 is her special day — a day to honor her dedication to family. Personalized Mother’s Day Fine Jewelry She is unique to every family. […]

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How To Build Your Own Jewelry

How to Build Jewelry Your Own Way! You’re probably thinking a series of questions like what does it mean exactly to build your own jewelry? Does it involve extra costs? What if I don’t know the exact design I want? Is what I see on the computer exactly what I will receive in the end result? Can I provide my own stones? We wrote this blog to answer some common questions and lay out how […]

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