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With the current high market price of gold, your eyes probably light up when you look into your jewelry box. Your unused or broken gold jewelry can fatten your wallet, and you can get the best value for your gold at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry. It’s important to decipher the gold-buying adds to compare apples to apples. Some ads offer to buy gold by the pennyweight (dwt); others by the gram. DFJ uses grams as our unit of measurement. A gram weights less than a pennyweight; so naturally, the price per gram is less than the price per pennyweight. One gram equals 0.643 pennyweights. Dominic’s wants you to get the best possible price for your gold, so stop by and visit us. Another more lucrative way to earn money is to host a GOLD PARTY. You can invite family and friends for a fun evening of food, merriment, and maybe a purse or make-up party at the same time! Dominic will bring his equipment to your party and pay cash for gold that your friends/coworkers/family no longer wants. You will earn 10% of the amount that Dominic pays out during your party. After receiving the cash, many of your guests will then purchase a purse or some make-up. This adds to your host gifts for that particular product. It’s a win-win situation! Call us at 586-532-0301 to schedule a GOLD PARTY any time that is convenient for you. P.S. If your church paper has an ad for Dominic’s, and you sell gold to us, Dominic’s will contribute 10% of your sale to the church running the ad. Just take your receipt to your church office. Thank you for supporting your church!

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