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A chrysalis bracelet reflects the interests and personality of its wearer, and brings spiritual energy. Each tag or charm carries a special meaning. The bracelets are available in gold plate, rhodium plate, or a variety of colors.

You begin by selecting a bracelet that reflects something important to you, in a color that appeals to you. Starter bracelets may have your initials, a symbol for your birth month, or a symbol that attracts positive energy. Then, add charms that have personal meaning for you from one of the Chrysalis collections. Here is a sample:

The Chrysalis Life Collection strengthens your life’s journey by attracting positivity and good energy. Choose a charm from this collection that celebrates hope, happiness, joy, or other symbols that have meaning for you.

The Chrysalis Good Fortune Collection links to your birth month and brings protection and good fortune into your life. For April birthdays, diamond crystal brings good fortune and prosperity. For May birthdays, emerald crystal encourages wealth and good spirit.

The Chrysalis Guardian Collection of semi-precious gemstones brings positive and good energy into your life. An an example, Amethyst Believe brings good energy into your life. Botswana Agli Tree of Life connects to all life on our planet.

The Chrysalis Flourish Collection adds a personal touch to your jewelry stack, representing flowers. For April, there is the Daisy, a symbol of purity and virtue. For May there is the Lily of the Valley, conveying a message of happiness.

The Chrysalis Chakra Collection helps stimulate your body’s own healing process. Using an ancient Eastern wellness belief, Chakra is based on seven energy centers that govern all your organs and work together as one system, yet independently. The bangles in this collection are rhodium plated with semi-precious stones.

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