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Build Jewelry Your Own Way!

You’re probably thinking a series of questions like what does it mean exactly to build your own jewelry? Does it involve extra costs? What if I don’t know the exact design I want? Is what I see on the computer exactly what I will receive in the end result? Can I provide my own stones?

We wrote this blog to answer some common questions and lay out how our design process works!

Q: How do you build your own jewelry?

A: At Dominic’s Fine Jewelry we believe in embracing your style! Our flexible styles give you an enormous range of shapes, sizes, and metal qualities so you can choose that one that meets your needs. After choosing a design style you will then choose a shape of the primary stone, stone type, size, metal quality of your piece, and lastly and personalize touches such as engraving a message in your piece. See illustration below for more details.
Once a design is finalized, we will send you a render image, from that image our customer will either make changes to the design or finalize the render design. After the design render is approved, we will move onto producing a 3D resin of your design. Our customers will be able to view the resin in person if they choose to do so, that way they can touch and try on the design.
Next, we move onto casting our customers piece into the metal they choose. From there we go into production of setting the diamonds and gemstones. Lastly, the piece will go to polishing and cleaning. Once the piece is finished it is ready to be picked up and enjoyed by its new owner!

Q: What if I do not know my design style?

A: No problem! Our system has a programed quiz where you answer questions unrelated to jewelry that will correlate to your design style. After taking the quiz 100’s of different styles will pop up that you can choose from.

Q: Is the design render I see on the computer exactly what I will receive in the end result?

A: Yes! The image that you will see on the computer is called the design render. The image is supposed to be enlarged for designing purposes so parts like prongs will not be casted as large as you see in the design render. After the render you receive a 3D resin where you can try on your piece in person. There are absolutely no surprises!

Q: Does it cost extra to build my own jewelry?

A: No! You can actually save money by building your jewelry in the quality metal, diamonds, and gemstones that fit your budget. Keep in mind you’re actually building the piece you have the opportunity to pick qualities that fit in your budget. The only extra cost associated is the $99 designing fee.

Q: Can I reuse stones from old settings and jewelry?

A: Absolutely! We specialize in this at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry. Bring your old pieces or stones that you would like to recreate into new pieces. Our designer will sit down with you to find the perfect design that meets your aesthetic using your old gemstones and diamonds.
So, whether it’s a trending millennial, out-of-this-world, or classic designs nothing is too much for Dominic’s Fine Jewelry to handle. We have been the leaders in custom design in our area. Oh, did we mention that there are no obligations until the 3D wax resin is approved… what are you waiting for?

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