How to buy the right engagement ring

If you are searching for the perfect diamond ring, your timing couldn’t be better. One of the finest jewelers in southeast Michigan is gearing up to sell its entire inventory to reopen the store with a new look. You have hundreds of beautiful rings to choose from, and will not find a better value anywhere. If there is a wedding in your future, now is the time to purchase the perfect diamond.

There are four essential aspects of a diamond that determine its beauty, quality, and value: cut, color, clarity, and cart weight. The experts at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry would love to assist you in choosing a stone and setting that fits your personality, but here is a short guide to choosing your diamond:

Cut. Proper cutting and proportioning =releases the fire and brilliance that is locked in a rough diamond. Sometimes, diamonds are cut to a shallow depth to make them appear larger in diameter than a well-cut stone of the same weight, and some jewelers try to make such a diamond appear more lively than it really is using special lights. Always check your stone in natural light to make sure its shine and sparkle is all its own.

Color. This is one of the first things people notice. The closer a diamond is to white, the better. There is a rating system for color called the GIA scale. A diamond rated as “D” “E” or “F” is called “colorless” and is considered extremely fine. A diamond can be rated all the way to “Z” for color. Naturally colored diamonds are outside the normal color range and are called fancy-color diamonds. Fancy-color diamonds are either yellow or brown diamonds that have more color than a Z masterstone or they exhibit a color other than yellow or brown. Diamond colors can be fancy colors such as yellow, brown, or pink. Yellow and pink diamonds are the most commonly sought after fancy color diamonds and most likely will continue to be for years to come. An increased demand for orange, blue, and green colored diamonds show that these colors are trending.

Clarity. Very few diamonds are flawless. Each diamond has tiny mother nature birthmarks such as black or white specks, minute cracks, grain lines or other minor imperfections. The clarity grade is a rating of the number, size, severity and type of imperfections in the stone.

Carat Weight: Carat Weight is measured by Electronic scale, one hundred points to one carat (1.00ct.)

If the price of a diamond is too good to be true, beware; the actual value of a real diamond can be determined rather precisely. Dominic’s Fine Jewelry double checks every diamond before it is shown to you and any diamond engagement ring offered in this special April event is guaranteed to be of good quality.

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