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Wedding season is upon us! For brides, planning a wedding can be a stressful and chaotic time when trying to perfect every detail of their special day. Of the most important details to a bride is the wedding day look! The dress, hair, makeup, complexion… but what about the jewelry? Most brides wait until the last minute to put together their jewelry as there are so many other things going on, jewelry becomes the afterthought. At Dominic’s Fine Jewelry, we believe the jewelry you wear on your wedding day is just as important as your dress. Jewelry does not only complete your whole look, but it makes you feel like a princess on your magical day. We promise you will look and feel your best with some beautiful jewels on you!

So let’s talk about the jewelry you should choose according to what “look” you’re trying to achieve that coincides with your dress and hair. Keep in mind that your wedding jewelry should compliment your look, and not clash with your dress.

Here are some few tips to consider when looking for jewelry:
  • Match the dress color to your jewels
  • If you’re wearing a white dress: Wear white gold, platinum, or silver jewelry. A bright white will perfectly compliment bright jewels.
  • If you’re wearing an ivory dress: Gold jewelry will accent this creamy color
  • If you’re wearing a blush gown: Wear rose gold jewelry which will match the dress perfectly

Dress Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline or Strapless: Consider a choker piece or short necklace with a standalone pendant.This will direct attention to your smile and really compliment the space between your collarbone and dress neckline. A simple diamond or cubic zirconia choker will add elegance to your look. Or consider some pearls if you’re trying to keep it simple.


Another option is to skip the necklace completely and go with a pair of statement earrings with a deep neckline. This will draw even more attention to your face and will compliment an updo.

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Silver diamond earrings


A simple diamond or cubic zirconia bracelet can go a long way for your wedding day. Choose something classic that will add a little bit of bling to your look. We love these stunning, yet classic bracelet options!

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Diamond and pearl jewelry

The most important thing to remember when choosing your jewelry is it should be a reflection of you. If you’re not comfortable wearing big, chandelier earrings, stick to studs. We want you to feel your best and look your best on the big day. At Dominic’s Fine Jewelry, you can find hundreds of pieces of jewelry to match your wedding look and style. You can also customize any piece so its special and unique to your day! If you need help with choosing a piece of jewelry, contact us at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry and one of our consultants will help guide you pick the perfect piece or pieces of jewelry!

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