Jewelry is an emotional purchase

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If you haven’t heard this before, you’re going to hear it now…Jewelry is an emotional purchase.

The fact is, jewelry is very sentimental. Whether it’s buying a bracelet for mom, a watch for your brother’s college graduation, or the most imperative piece of jewelry of all; purchasing a beautiful diamond ring for your future wife to be.  Getting on one knee and proposing with a ring is perhaps one of the truest demonstrations of love. Think about it like this.

You visit some local jewelry stores around town to find that perfect ring that is the one. After feeling out a few different places, you find a jeweler your most comfortable and has the selection you’ve been searching for. You look at a few unique ring settings while being attentive to the details, and you believe you’ve found that one ring that you know she will just love. Now, after you have chosen the setting, the jeweler shows you an array of exquisite diamonds. You may not know exactly what you’re looking for in a diamond, but you do know that you want something that she’s going to cherish forever!

The jeweler provides you with the necessary knowledge about what you should be looking for in a diamond so you can make an informative decision. He wants to make you happy and ensure you’re getting the best value possible. Then, he lets you examine a handful of diamonds with your naked-eye and a gemologist microscope. By doing so, you are able to explore the remarkable world inside each diamond and begin to comprehend the true grade of a stone. After you compared many diamonds, you finally hand select one that you deem is as gorgeous as her, while also feeling confident you got the best value! The diamond is set into the ring, becoming one and you have personally created a ring for your fiancé

During this process, there were many significant decisions made. Now keeping this process in mind, ask yourself the following questions….

Would you spend thousands of dollars online for a diamond without truly knowing what it looks like in REAL LIFE?… Would you purchase a diamond without the consultation of a fine jewelry professional and rather make the purchase through some online company who you have never established a relationship with?… or possibly the best question to ask… Would you want to purchase a diamond for the woman you love that she will wear on her finger every day without even taking the time to hand select it yourself?

These are all questions you should’ve answered NO to. With online businesses rapidly increasing, there are more diamond and jewelry retailers online than ever before. You may think “All of the specs about the diamond are online anyway including a video….and it seems cheaper.”

You may be partially correct about a few things.  A lot of online competitors will include a video and specs about each diamond including the color, clarity, and maybe even third-party laboratory report like GIA, AGS, or IG. However, here is not what they’re telling you…

How well does that stone sparkle, if it even DOES sparkle?.Is the diamond cut too deep that all the carat weight is on the bottom of the diamond… or Is the diamond cut too shallow making it look extremely bigger than it actually is in reality? These are all factors you can’t capture looking at a video on the computer screen. These are the vital details these online jewelers are NOT telling you that make that diamond SUCH A GREAT DEAL! You may be purchasing a diamond that you presume is cheaper, but sadly you are getting what you pay for!

You also can’t leave out the service and warranties. Some online retailers claim that they have lifetime warranties on all their diamond engagement rings. And that may be so. However, do you really want to send out that $10,000 engagement ring in the mail every time it needs a simple ring cleaning & inspection, ring sizing or prong re-tipped? Who knows what the turnaround time will be before she gets it back on her finger. And then there’s always the scary unknown of who is working on your ring. Do these online retailers have a jeweler on-site or are they subbing-out the work? The fact is, your future wife isn’t going to be very happy with you every time you have to send it out. And you probably won’t be happy about it either. I think it’s safe to say that you would probably feel more comfortable dropping your ring off for a cleaning and inspection with your jewelry you PERSONALLY know and trust.

So when you’re newly engaged fiancé asks where you purchased the ring do you want to answer with “Oh, honey I just bought it online.”

You probably want to answer with, “I personally picked the ring out myself from a jeweler I trust.”

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