Ladies, What Kind of Jewelry Would You Wear on a Free Norwegian Cruise for Two?

You may need to know because Dominic’s Fine Jewelry is giving you the chance to win a 4 day, 3 night Norwegian Cruise for two just for registering here and then liking our Facebook page.

No purchase necessary!

The cruise includes accommodations for two, onboard meals, nightly entertainment, casino gaming, health club, duty-free shopping, and shipboard activities.

You’re going to be mingling with all sorts of people so you want to show your best side.  Picking the right jewelry to wear on your cruise is easy if you think about three things:

The Color of Amber

Baltic Amber comes from the (surprise!) Baltic region, which includes parts of Norway.  Even if you don’t own any amber jewelry, you can match that rich golden color with fancy color diamonds in yellow and orange or even citrine gemstones.

Ladies, Pandora has a beautiful golden hued bracelet that would perfectly match the color of amber.  Pair it with a gold watch and a wide white sun hat to really play the part of Cruise Goddess.

The Vikings

These Norsemen preferred solid metals such as silver and gold and shaped them into necklaces, rings, and armbands.  Viking women wore brooches and rings made of silver and gold adorned with treasures.

We can help you bring your Viking flair.  We use the finest metals in our jewelry and match them with the finest gems.

We also have beautiful rings by Vanna K that can match and surpass those Viking treasures and pendants and bracelets from Rebecca that will rival the finest jewelry in the market.

Sorry guys, we don’t carry horned helmets and they probably wouldn’t allow them onboard.

The Norwegian Flag

With lots of red and a little blue, you can give homage to the Norwegian flag with rubies, sapphires, garnets, and blue topaz.

You can find great pieces of jewelry with some of these gems from designer Gabriel & Co or go with fancy color diamonds to really stand out.  Just make sure you don’t stand out too far.  We don’t want you to lose your beautiful jewelry in the ocean.

How to Register to Win

It’s easy.  Head over to Dominic’s site and register and then like our Facebook page. That’s it! Be sure to take plenty of pictures when you’re out on deck and send them to us when you get back!

We’d love to see you sparkle in Dominic’s Fine Jewelry.

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