Man’s Watch

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Person inspecting wristwatch with gloves

Frank is a busy financial advisor, known for his connections in the financial world and for his ability to bring people together. He has a relaxed but classy style that reflects his professional confidence and competence. When he needed a new watch, he came to Dominic’s Fine Jewelry for help selecting the right one.

Frank’s original idea was to choose a luxury watch with a sterling silver band and a black face because black seems a natural, sophisticated combination with a sterling band. Dominic recommended that he try a blue face instead, something a little unusual but with a similar effect. Frank, trusting his jeweler, decided to go with the blue face. Was the choice a success?

Frank tells us he gets lots of compliments, and loves his new watch! His wife and father also use Dominic’s for their watches, rings, and other various jewelry needs. Frank’s wife is considering the purchase of a blue face watch as well.

Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary? A watch is a great gift idea for Father’s Day. If you would like some help selecting a watch that fits your Dad’s personality and offers something more, come talk with a jeweler at Dominic’s.

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