May 1st: National Mother Goose Day

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According to today May 1st, 2014 is National Mother Goose Day. Mother Goose Day is a celebration of classic nursery rhymes of long ago, that are quickly passing into the realms of history. Established in 1987, Mother Goose Day aims to promote pre-school reading and learning via nursery rhymes, and it is acknowledged across many cities, by establishments such as kindergartens, junior schools, cereal makers, libraries and care homes.

There are various ways for adults and children to enjoy Mother Goose Day. Make a list of your favorite nursery rhymes, or try writing a rhyme yourself. Choose one of the nursery rhymes and act it out, or draw pictures to illustrate it. Alternatively, you can use printed coloring pages, and fill them in. You can also watch videos of nursery rhymes and sing along with the songs. Groups of children can also recite popular nursery rhymes, with everyone taking a turn to deliver a line. However you celebrate, enjoy the day.

So make sure you go home, get out your old Mother Goose Book and read it for this special occasion!

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