November Birthstone | Topaz & Citrine

November’s Main Birthstone is Topaz which represents Fidelity.

These stones are generally translucent yellow, golden, green, light brown, light blue or clear. Much of modern day topaz comes from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, Mexico and Maine, Utah and Colorado. A falcon carved into a Topaz is said to ensure the favor of powerful persons.

November Birthstone Topaz

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Blue gemstone and diamond ringTopaz (from the Greek «to seek») – a jewel, named after the island in the Red Sea. In Sanskrit, it is called «fire». Its soft glow and a variety of colors, topaz attracted the eyes of people long.  Even at the excavation sites of ancient man in the Urals, they discovered topaz and rock crystal crafts. By its nature, this mineral has no color, but there are instances of yellow, blue, blue, pink and even a wine-red color. Compounds of different metals (iron, chromium, titanium) paint them at the whim of nature in the most incomprehensible colors and shades. There are even polychrome, i.e. multicolored stones of this variety.

November Birthstone Topaz Mystery 

In the ancient world, they believed that the topaz birthstone is able to expose secrets. With it, you can influence others, to subjugate people and expose the affair. So it was given the name “psychologists stone”, “stone court”.

Ayurveda believes a topaz gem that gives energy boost intelligence, is able to stir up passion and reduce fear. Owning topaz is recommended to be worn on the index finger of your right hand, the best being in a gold ring or a pendant around your neck.

Topaz is said to sharpen the response to your environment, develop intuition and increases apprehension. Highly valued for its beauty, this stone also has healing powers.

November Birthstone Topaz Healing Properties

In ancient times, they believed that golden topaz promotes fertility in the infertile, helps to find the joy of motherhood, heals insanity, can treat liver disease, restores normal vision with myopia. Topaz gives strength to the weak, and women – beauty, able to bring wealth and recognition and keep an optimistic outlook on life.

It is also believed that if topaz framed in silver and worn around the neck, will ease asthma, relieve insomnia, exacerbate the sense of taste, cure gout, help with epilepsy. In chronic diseases increase the efficiency of the use of topaz other healing techniques.

This stone is also used in the treatment of the throat, tonsillitis, diseases of the spine.

November Birthstone Citrine

Citrine – mineral silicate silica (SiO2), a semi-precious stone, a variety of rock crystal. Citrine is the golden variety of quartz. Citrine is derived from Latin «citrus – lemon yellow». Other names of the mineral and its varieties: yellow topaz, Spanish topaz.

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Amber-colored loose stones

Colouring of citrine varies from light lemon to amber and honey. Sunny-bright and easy to handle, it looks great in any style of jewelry, especially flashing and bouncing off the polished surface of gold.

Although darker orange shade of citrine, sometimes called «Madera» (the color of the wine of the same name), it is considered preferable to the majority that still chooses bright lemon shades, blends well with pastel colors.

November Birthstone Citrine Mystery

In magic, citrine has long been known. In some countries, citrine stone amulets were made, which have been accepted to safeguard their master from the bites of scorpions and poisonous snakes.

In other countries, for a long time, this stone was considered the epitome of deception, betrayal, and lies. Therefore, it is often worn by people who earn their bread by fraud, cheating and stealing.

But in ancient Rome, people who wore citrine jewelry were the most respected people – orators and philosophers.

In modern magical practice, there is a perception of the duality with this stone, that is, it may equally serve a worthy person as well as scoundrels.

Experts say the magic of these stones in amulet form, made of this mineral, is able to protect its wearer from negative influences.

Citrine protects people born under the sign of Gemini. Gemini women wearing citrine jewelry can develop intuition; Citrine bring’s good luck in financial affairs to Gemini’s.

November Birthstone Citrine Healing Properties

In medicine, citrine is used since time immemorial. In Ancient India, with the help of the stone, it is said, they treated various diseases associated with disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Modern lithotherapists suggest that citrine positively affects brain activity, but also is an excellent tool for the prevention of many diseases and strengthens the whole body. It is believed that due to the yellow color of this stone it is very effective for those elements of the Earth.

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