The History of Dominic's Fine Jewelry

At Dominic’s Fine Jewelry is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering the highest quality diamonds and fine jewelry along with unprecedented customer service. We do not just sell jewelry; we build relationships!

Dominic Maratta, CEO

Dominic Maratta is married to Maria Maratta with 3 daughters. Dominic Maratta’s first big break in the jewelry industry came when he was asked to make custom rings for General Motors; an opportunity that paved the way for him to open Dominic’s Fine Jewelry. 

Dominic learned he had a passion in the jewelry industry when he took a job at Jewelry by Mary in Chesterfield. This experience inspired him to partner with his father and open their own store – D & D Jewelers. It also motivated him to pursue the craft of jewelry making.

Soon Dominic found himself attending the Holland School for Jewelers and creating original pieces in his basement – including those rings for General Motors. 

Then in 1988, he opened Dominic’s Fine Jewelry, his own 1,200-square-foot facility in Clinton Township. Dominic prides himself on quality work and making his customer experience tailored to each customer resulting in excellent customer service. 

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Dominic Maratta
Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Maria

Maria Maratta, CEO

Maria Maratta is Dominic’s partner! She is the friendly face that you see when you walk into Dominic’s! 

Maria handles a majority of our customer service and makes sure your experience at DFJ is above the best. She not only treats to you as a valued customer but also like family. She loves to build relationships. 

Briana Maratta, Jewelry Designer

Briana Maratta is Dominic and Maria 2nd eldest daughter. Briana is the first person you will meet with at our design center. She has a unique eye for jewelry designing and can help customize a piece of jewelry even if idea is sketched out with paper and pen. She nails the design 10 out of 10. 

Not only is Briana great with designing the jewelry; she is also great with communication. Communication is key when customizing your piece of jewelry. Briana will take the time and discuss with you our exact custom design process and what you can expect. She will be honest with you and give you her professional and friendly advice when designing your jewelry. 

Our customers always love customizing their dream jewelry with Briana!

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Briana
Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Annalisa

Annalisa Weier, Marketing Director

Annalisa Weier is Dominic and Maria 1st eldest daughter. Annalisa is married to an Officer in the US Army. Annalisa works remotely from Alabama and visits DFJ quite frequently. Annalisa is the Marketing Director at Dominic’s! She handles all of the marketing including the social media, DFJ website, and also has eye for jewelry and helps with buying inventory for the store!

More About Dominic’s Fine Jewelry

As a multi-generation, family-owned jewelry company since 1988, Dominic’s Fine Jewelry takes great pride in elevating our customers’ experiences to the next level. A standard that we have achieved by our focusing on honesty, accountability, trust, compassion, community and excellence; which is why our motto is: “If we don’t earn your trust, we don’t deserve your business.” This philosophy has given us the chance to build lifelong relationships with our customers; our guests become part of our family.

We constantly strive to better ourselves by only offering the highest-quality diamonds, fine designer jewelry, and unparalleled customer service. Our staff has years of experience and knowledge to ensure that each purchase is up to the standard that you deserve.

Dominic’s Fine Jewelry specializes in creating and manufacturing customer-designed jewelry. Our Design Center has given us the opportunity to celebrate life events and special occasions with our customers by creating custom, unique timepieces that are truly one of a kind. With this program we have the ability to bring your priceless heirlooms from “Ordinary to Extraordinary!”

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