Jewelry Appraisal Services

An accurate jewelry appraisal is a crucial process that assigns a precise monetary value to a piece of jewelry. At Dominic’s Fine Jewelry choosing us your certified Appraiser, you can be rest assured that you’re working with a professional who has been trained and certified.

To ensure the accuracy of a jewelry appraisal, it’s essential to work with a qualified and certified appraiser who has expertise in evaluating jewelry. Professional appraisers are trained to assess factors such as the quality of gemstones, metals, craftsmanship, and market trends, all of which contribute to the overall value of your jewelry. Additionally, it’s advised to periodically update your appraisals to account for changes in market values and the condition of your jewelry.

Our Appraisers will take the time to thoroughly inspect your jewelry and appraise your jewelry correctly and fair. Included in your appraisal services is a jewelry inspection, cleaning and light polishing.

A certified jewelry appraiser can give you a fair and accurate appraisal for:

  • Insurance to cover loss, damage, or theft.
  • Estate tax evaluation.
  • Value comparison.
  • Collateral.
  • Liquidation.

Example of a Written Appraisal

Dominic's Fine Jewelry | Ring appraisal document

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