Twogether: When One plus One Equals Us

Diamonds have many meanings. For one, diamonds symbolize the quality of faithfulness. For many centuries, diamonds have been embellished by women and men and regarded as the ultimate gift and a symbol of eternal love. According to Greek mythology, diamonds were said to be tears of the Gods or even the fragments of falling stars. Essentially, the beauty and magnificence of diamonds are arguably timeless. What better gift than diamonds can you give to your significant other to represent the love you share! Commemorate your love life this holiday season at Dominic’s!

Our featured product this season is this stunning anniversary band from Twogether. Two elegant brilliant cut diamonds rest beside each other diagonally representing the love and commitment between your relationship. Made in 14KT White Gold, the band features stunning diamonds wrapping around the center of the two meaningful stones.

Twogether comes in a variety of diamond Carat weight sizes from 0.25 ctw-1.00 ctw. These rings start only at $599, so shop at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry this holiday season to rejoice in love & romance!

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