What Can I Do with My Old Jewelry?

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We know that your jewelry means a lot to you. Each piece of jewelry you own can tell a story about a special time in your life; whether it’s from celebrating a milestone anniversary, your wedding day, or even your first child’s birth, each piece of jewelry holds a distinct place in your heart. 

Every now and then, you look at all of the jewelry you’ve accumulated over the years and remanence about all the good memories they hold.  But, let’s face it, you probably haven’t worn a majority of your jewelry in years because: 

  • It’s broken or worn and needs repairs
  • It doesn’t fit anymore (rings and bracelets especially) 
  • The style of the jewelry is outdated
  • Your taste has changed

So right now all the jewelry that means so much to you, most likely sits in your jewelry box collecting dust and being unloved due to one of the reasons above. Don’t you wish you could enjoy that same jewelry along with the feelings of joy it brought you? 

At Dominic’s Fine Jewelry, we pride ourselves in being able to bring your old jewelry back to life with the best solutions for you.  Let’s discuss some of your options when figuring out what to do with your old jewelry:

Broken or Worn Jewelry:

 Simply bring in all of your jewelry that is broken to Dominic’s Fine Jewelry.  Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with your broken jewelry, asses what repairs need to be done, give you the cost of each repair upfront, then prep the item for repair, writing a detailed description of the item with a photo. We have a full-time expert jeweler on staff with over 30+ years of experience in the jewelry industry that will bring your jewelry back to life and make it look like the day you got it!

It Doesn’t Fit:

Jewelry such as rings, bracelets, or even chains can be re-sized and worn once again!

Re-Design It:

Bring your jewelry box full of your old or even broken jewelry and sit down with one of our expert design consultants. We will talk about your jewelry style, desired details, and what story you want your jewelry to tell. All of these factors are very important to you and to us when re-designing your jewelry. We will use your existing diamonds and gemstones to design a new piece of jewelry for you. First, our design consultant will create a 3-Dimensional design on our CAD software right in front of you. You will be able to see a full color rendering that will bring the design to life! Next, upon your approval we will print a resign of the design for you to try on, touch, and feel. After approving the resign, we will then move the piece to production, cast the piece, and set your stones. Any gold that you have can either be melted down and used in the casting of the jewelry or used as credit towards your new piece. 

By now you can see there are much better options than letting your jewelry sit in a jewelry box!  Your jewelry deserves to be worn and you deserve to show it off! Come see us at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry as we can help you tell a new and exciting story with your restored or re-designed jewelry!

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