What every girl needs in her jewelry box: your daily essentials for under $400!

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What every girl needs in her jewelry box: your daily essentials for under $400!


Briana Maratta


          Who says you need a man to buy you jewelry? Jewelry is a great way to reward yourself for an accomplishment, celebrating a memory or trip, or even just because!


The jewelry that you wear daily should be expressive of your personality, fun, and comfortable. If you’re new to wearing jewelry, this guide will cover the essentials that never go out of style while keeping it affordable!



A pair of earrings are essential to any outfit! I know I can’t leave the house without wearing a pair of hoops of studs, or else I feel naked!

I believe every girl should own a least one pair nice of yellow, or white gold hoop earrings. Invest in a pair of gold hoops that will you literally years as opposed to costume which will tarnish and most likely break. A nice pair of thin gold hoops are timeless and go with almost any outfit!


Dominic’s offers these these beautiful hoops in 10Kt yellow or rose gold for only $399


http://bit.ly/2GGLTxf Rose Gold Earrings


http://bit.ly/2XizIfj Yellow Gold Earrings

Another great staple earring is the diamond stud! If you are someone who doesn’t like anything to dangle from their ears, a pair of studs would be the way to go! Studs are another classic piece of jewelry that will last you a lifetime!



We offer ¼ ctw diamond studs for as little as $179!


http://bit.ly/2Sgcseh Stud Earrings





Diamond necklaces are awesome because you can throw one on and forget you have it on! They are super comfortable and a great conversation piece!


The bar-necklace trend has been very popular among millennials because of the simplicity and elegance!


Check out these stunning diamond 14K rose and white gold horizontal bar necklaces from us for under $399!

http://bit.ly/2SqBRXn      Rose Gold Necklace                                          http://bit.ly/2WUIGPw       White Gold Necklace




Lastly, we can’t leave out the rings! I always feel like royalty when I have on a beautiful diamond ring I get to show off. An added bonus is you get to stare at something sparkly while at your desk!


These 14K rose and white gold stackable rings are perfect to pair with our bar necklaces! Available at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry for $299






http://bit.ly/2SYqGFF White Gold Ring








If you love to be different and out of the ordinary, try out a ring with a pop of color! Celebrities are always wearing big and beautiful gemstone rings to stand out on the red carpet.


Lady Gaga’s engagement ring is definitely a stunner, featuring a reported 6-7 carat rare pink padparadscha sapphire: http://bit.ly/2SJsth1




This amazing 3.15 Ct blue topaz diamond ring will make you feel like a star for only $339!



http://bit.ly/2E2TSCf  Blue Topaz Ring





I hope this guide gave you some jewelry inspo and makes you feel excited to wear more jewelry!

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