What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

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What exactly is lab grown diamond?

Lab-Grown diamonds are diamonds created by scientists from rough crystals using HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). They are 100% optically, chemically, and physically identical to natural diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds have a much smaller impact on the environment, they create zero waste. Scientist create the same conditions in the lab that are created in the earth by using high pressure high temperature and the diamond begins to grow naturally, once that starts nature begins to take over.

While growing a diamond in the lab takes just eight weeks, traditional diamonds takes millions of years to grow and lab grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds.

Since the conditions are created in the lab the same way that natural diamonds are developed in the earth, lab-grown diamonds results in the same optical, physical, chemical properties. A lab-grown diamond is as unique as a mined diamond.

Lab grown diamonds have the same quality, same size, same 4 C’s- (Carat, Cut, Clarity, Color) at 30% less cost of a natural diamond and they socially responsible.

With a lab-grown diamond, there’s no question that they’re not getting a diamond that was grown in intolerable conditions. 55% of US millennials say they would consider buying a lab-grown diamond.

Every lab-grown diamond includes these benefits

ID Number Security

Laser inscribed number offers the ultimate safeguard.

Personalized Inscription

Engrave a personal message for as little as $50.00

Lifetime Trade Ups

Offer full value credit to our customers on future trade ups. (lab for lab)

Buy with Confidence

All diamonds are hand selected and individually graded.

No matter your preference, trust Dominic’s Fine jewelry to always provide value in any product you may need.

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